Niemco Key Personnel
Owner / President
John Hodgin
Vice President
Aaron Hodgin

Project Managers / Sales Representatives
Gary Jolly, 28 years of service
Aaron Hodgin, 22 years of service
Frank Miller, 19 years of service
Mike Parker, 15 years of service
Chris O'Connor, 5 years of service

Office Manager / Human Resources Manager / Accounting
Cindy Gahafer, 21 years of service

Office Assistant
Linda Chumley, 20 years of service
502-584-7721 ext. 0

Niemco Fabricators, Inc./Excel Machine & Laser
1600 Northwestern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40203

Phone 502-584-7721
Fax 502-584-0976
Company Narrative
Niemco Fabricators, Inc. was founded in 1984. In October, 1996, Jim Robinson and John Hodgin purchased Niemco and the assets of a related company, Ronalco. Following the purchase, Niemco’s primary business was halved into custom metal fabrication and industrial furnaces. John Hodgin spent the next four years reorganizing Niemco’s business, established a new management team, and restored Niemco to profitability. After the restructuring and reorganization, Niemco began to thrive and grow.

In July, 2002, Niemco purchased the assets of a local machine shop called Excel Machine & Tool. In May, 2004, Niemco purchased its first CNC Laser and set up its Laser Department and renamed the subsidiary Excel Machine & Laser. Niemco purchased a second laser in 2008, and the department went on to make up about a quarter of the overall business with an average yearly sales figure of $1.2 million.

In 2013, John and his wife Linda retired from day to day involvement. His son, Aaron, received the torch, and began managing daily operations general executive decisions.

In 2016, the Company now services various industries including, but not limited to: power supply, conveyor systems and material handling, railroad industries, ventilation systems, and general contracting companies. Niemco employs approximately 40-45 employees with annual sales in excess of five million dollars.

Niemco Fabricators, Inc. markets its products and services under the names Niemco Fabricators, Inc. and Excel Machine & Laser. There is only one corporation–Niemco Fabricators, Inc., the Excel Machine & Laser name is used only for marketing purposes.

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Project Manager/Sales Representative

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Laser Department

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Laser Department

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Laser Department

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Office Manager/Human Resources Manager/ Accounting

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